– Tracking in ASAP is a wow-factor

SafetyRespect are specialists within the field of fall protection at building sites.  The company has a regular conveyor, but leases external drivers when in need. It was this need for external drivers that made ASAP interesting for SafetyRespect in the first place.

We have a need to transport anything from small boxes to pallets or stands several meters long. We often experience that the conveyors don’t keep their promises with time – and that it is impossible to track the shipments underway. That is why we were excited to test ASAP, says Tommy Jensen, responsible for storage and logistics at SafetyRespect.

Easy and user-friendly

Jensen had, like many others, high expectations before trying out ASAP, and felt that those expectations were met.

I wished for something easy and user-friendly. ASAP is incredibly much easier, and the service is so easy to use, even my grandmother could order transportation. Detailed and well-written descriptions help you along the way. If you don’t know the weight or size of the shipment you can just take a picture instead. It is very simple, he says, content.

He also thinks it’s reassuring that he has access to information about the drivers.

With a name, picture and a short snip of information about the driver, you get a face to relate to. That adds an extra layer of safety, and is helpful when you can have a dialogue with the driver along the way. In that way you can solve any misunderstandings, and help the driver if it’s hard to find the address, Jensen points out.

Within the ASAP-app there is a chat function which is developed so that you can keep continuous contact with the driver. In this way you can contact the driver if there is something you have questions about, as well as the fact the driver can contact you if there’s something he or she is wondering about. In this way the chances of the driver not finding its way, is lowered considerably.

Genius tracking

It was however the tracking within the service that really impressed Tommy Jensen and SafetyRespect.

The tracking feature was surprisingly good, a wow-factor! Its live with only a few minutes delay. It makes it easier for us to plan and ready ourselves before the driver arrives. Combined with the simple way of ordering and the possibility to have a continuous dialogue, makes tracking in ASAP a genius service. It covers a great need for more predictability within the transporting business.

With tracking in ASAP it’s never been easier to send packages or goods. The app gives you access to follow the packages’ journey from start to finish in real time. That makes it so you don’t have to plan your work day based on a package you have no idea when it will arrive. It quite simply makes the shipment process flow better.

Tommy can also tell us that he’ll continue to use ASAP both through his business, but also privately.

I’ll be using ASAP both in business and my private life. I’m an avid user of finn.no, and it’s genial that I can order transportation for things I’ve bought directly to my home. Through my eyes there are endless possibilities for ASAP looking forward.

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