– Obviously developed by people who know logistics and transport

Eiksenteret, the country-wide franchise importing and selling agriculture machines, has always had a need for quick delivery. They often need various reserve parts shipped out to their customers across the country. That is why Eiksentret thought the idea behind ASAP was interesting, similar to many other companies.

Despite the fact that they have an extensive need for transport, they’ve never found the perfect solution. There was always something missing within the traditional transport companies.

When we order transport it’s mostly based on coincidences and accessibility. We rarely get to choose the pickup time ourselves, and have no way of tracking the shipments underway, says Tore Stokke, who currently works as the operations manager at Eiksentret.

 ASAP aims to solve the problems Tore Stokke speaks of. Through the ASAP app, which can be found both on Android and on IOS, you can easily order transport of goods in all sizes, weights and quantities. The drivers on the platform compete in getting to deliver exactly your package, which means you’ll have the opportunity to choose the driver with the cheapest price. In addition, you as a customer receive the possibility to stay in constant communication with the driver, and decide when the package should be picked up. Tracking happens consecutively.

A good customer experience

The service includes what you need and works just fine. We get good prices, and can decide the pickup time ourselves. It’s a great thing that we can upload photographs of the package so that it is easy for the drivers to understand what it is they’re picking up. The packages are fetched and delivered upon the agreed time, and we can track them continuously. I especially liked being caught up to speed by the driver throughout the process – it really gave an extra good customer experience, says Stokke.

ASAP is always supposed to be leading in price, and will always fight towards that. The reason ASAP will continue to be competitive in the field, is the fact that all unnecessary intermediaries are cut. In that way all unnecessary costs are cut as well.

With ASAP you get full control of your shipment and continuous reports about where the package is located. This works just as well for both businesses and private people. In many ways, this is what makes ASAP unique. The service also makes it possible to choose whether the driver should deliver the package outside the address or carry it inside. When the shipments are heavy, this could be a perfect choice.

It is quite clear that ASAP is developed by people who know logistics and transport. The service makes it easy to order the transportation, whilst the drivers offer good prices and pickups at the wanted time, says Stokke.

Eiksentret, just like every other business that decides to try out ASAP, gets their prices directly from the drivers. This is what makes ASAP cheaper than all other competitors, and is why more and more businesses and people decide to use the service.

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