Logistics – an industry due for modernization

Modernization of different industries and technological advancement has led to simpler and smarter solutions for both consumers and businesses. Nevertheless, there are some industries still in need of modern innovation, and the logistics industry is undoubtedly one of these.

Logistics industry – a complicated affair

The logistics industry is made up of a large network of different sub-sectors, all of which are equally necessary to achieve the desired goal – transportation of your package / goods.

As a customer you are responsible for the cost of the various sub-sectors which combined makes up the cost of your delivery. When many stakeholders takes their share, the end cost will be proportionately high.

What can go wrong?

Any service that rely on a multitude of stakeholders is unfortunately more often the victim of delays and problems along the way than direct services between consumer and the company. Delays, theft, human mistakes and misunderstandings – the more people involved, the greater the risk.

But, in 2018 there must be alternatives that remove unnecessary intermediaries and lower the cost?

Sharing economy – the effective side of the coin

Sharing economy is a modern term that has not yet been given a set definition. Nevertheless, sharing economy, for most, defines companies that bases its income on transactions between individuals. Companies like Airbnb, Uber and Leieting follow this business model, and have all achieved success due to the nature of its model.

Removing unnecessary intermediaries and matching those with complementary needs together simplifies and streamlines processes while at the same time achieving a better overview for the consumers.

In addition to this, we create a much more resource-efficient society with sharing economy; When you have too much – others can use it. In this way, we allocate resources such as time, money, objects, housing and transport in a far more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Modernization of the logistics industry

ASAP is the platform that introduces sharing economy to the logistics industry. With ASAP, you can easily upload your request with photo and text information, and in a few minutes select from various customized offers from ASAP’s verified drivers. While you can choose from different offers, you can also freely choose where and when the driver will pick up your package and your delivery time.

ASAP will always be the cheapest service available. When many drivers compete for your delivery, you will be in the driver’s seat and can set your own criteria such as price, additional services, efficiency, etc. In this way, you are in control of the service’s price and terms that are required from our drivers. As a business, you can save extremely important costs by using ASAP – resources that can now be used for other sections of your business.

A safe journey for you, your company and your package

As an ASAP customer, either as an individual or a company, you have complete overview of your chosen driver’s documents, your delivery, and changes along the way. You can easily talk to your driver through our integrated chat, giving you direct information about something that should occur. This way you can be sure that you have complete control over the delivery.

Modernization of the logistics industry is necessary to further enhance the efficiency of society and to provide security in the transaction between customer and retailer. Read more about ASAP and our drivers here.

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