Five tips for sending goods and packages

Are you planning on sending a package to friends or family? Or perhaps your company wish to transport large quantity of goods as securely as possible? To ensure you get the best offer based on your specific needs it is important to consider certain factors. These will help you decide on which offer best matches those needs. The more you have considered before placing your order, the more control you have over your delivery.

1. Add as many details as possible

Upload a photo of your package to avoid giving out wrong information when registering your inquiry. By doing this, your driver will obtain as much information as possible about your package. Your driver will also be able to recognize your package at first glance. The more information you can add – the better.

2. Choose the driver which best meets your demands

When choosing your preferred driver for your package delivery it is important to keep calm and collected. Compare various offers and conditions from our verified drivers before choosing the deal that best tailors to your needs. Different drivers have different schedules, and other factors might also come in play, so make sure you consider all options.

3. Choose a time of delivery that suits the receiver

When transporting your package or goods through ASAP you are free to choose your preferred time and date of delivery. With this in mind, you might want to consider all options in order to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. By asking your receiver in advance when they would prefer to greet the driver, you optimize the process for them both.

ASAP offers an express function where you can select for your package to be collected as soon as possible. By using our express function you do not have to specify date and time preferences, we will make sure the driver with the shortest response time receives your order.

4. Consider extra services

When noting your inquiry with ASAP you can also add an extra service, for example you might want your driver to carry the goods inside. You should consider using these extra services if the package receiver has the need for it. By doing so you will enhance their experience even further. In other situations you might have ordered a delivery for yourself and would like the content to be ready when you arrive at your home – this is also possible with ASAP. Note your request with your order and wait for offers from our reliable ASAP drivers.

5. Combine deliveries

When you have decided to deliver a package or goods via ASAP you can save even more money by considering combining multiple deliveries. You can always combine deliveries as long as you agree with your driver in advance. When placing your order it is important to specify quantity and details about each package. Either register all of your packages in one order or create separate orders if you would like to receive individual offers.


Whether you are sending a package or goods privately or larger quantities through your company, you need to make sure you stay in complete control over your delivery. Think carefully through these five tips before placing your order and you will receive the deal that best meets your needs.

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