An Important Partnership with Rema 1000

Many people today lack the sufficient amount of food to feed themselves and their families, yet we throw away 350 000 tons of edible food every year in Norway alone. We have partnered up with Rema 1000 in an effort to distribute this to those who need it the most. 

Modern businesses must take precautions and maintain a sustainable focus in order to remain environmental. Effective solutions calls for partnerships across industries in order to create methods and solutions leading to sustainable development.


Because of this, we have partnered up with Rema 1000 and created a project we are proud to present. We will do our best to ensure edible food doesn’t go to waste, and that nothing gets taken for granted. Food production takes a massive toll on the environment and pollutes its way from the crops to our kitchen cupboards. Its fate worsens if we then move on to through it away as waste. We have to do more to make sure this production process has had at least an inch of human value.

Our project starts with our verified drivers collecting the excess food from one of Rema 1000s many stores and distribute it between various charities and organisations across the country. Food which has a short expiration date, broken packaging and vegetables with an “off” look are all perfectly edible yet thrown away due to modern consumer demands. This will no longer go to waste. By combining efforts we can combat two social issues and create more jobs at the same time. We cover all costs connected to the project.

The merchants who will be part in testing this project are very excited about the road ahead, and we hope the partnership will be beneficial for both parties. It is wonderful that ASAP considered us when searching for a partner in helping those in need..
– Ann-Kristin Pettersen, Communications, REMA 1000 

The future demands sustainable and holistic solutions

Climate change, mass extinctions, rapid spread of diseases, lack of water, overpopulation, pollution; modern development has taken its toll. In order to solve these dire issues we as both individuals and corporations do our very best to create sustainable solutions. That is why ASAP do what we can – when we can.

Food wastage is a social issue which demands several solutions. In 2010, senior scientist Ole Jørgen Hanssen at the Eastern Norway Research Institute, set in motion an extensive research with Nofima Mat and SIFO, which highlighted how much and what type of food gets thrown away in Norway each year. The numbers have shown that we throw away shockingly 350 000 tons of food every single year, which could have fed over 5 million people around the world. Even more chilling becomes the realisation that the same trend is evident across Europe.

It is our responsibility

We all know that our society is founded on an intricate network of various systems. But what is true about each of these systems is that in the heart of each of them you find people. And where you find people, there is room for solutions. We are all responsible for each other and ourselves – both on a personal and professional level. It is only when we become the solution to our own created issues that the real results will spring through. Norway has come a long way considering sustainable solutions which has lead to for example an extremely healthy recycling culture. But in order to make sure we leave the world greener than we found it, we need to make sure even more innovative solutions step forth.

We care about the environment. That is why we are consistently looking for new opportunities which will help us to be proud of our efforts and our place in society.

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